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Professional Ship Builders  & Ship Brokers for all type of vessels
International access to used and new builds.
Ferry Services, Offshore Services, Shipbuilding, Ship Repair & Maintenance


Shipbuilding & Shipyard Development


AluminumNow Group is in the position to offer designs and shipbuilding at our shipyards or associated shipyards in the Nigeria, UK, Turkey, Canada, USA, India & Asia with full back-up from the UK, Turkey and North America for shipyard development in Nigeria & West Africa as relates to but not limited to the following:-



*       Range 7m to 100m

*       Construction Composite, Aluminum, Aluminum Hull & Composite Superstructure

*       Ballistic Protection as Required



*       Range 12m to 20m

*       Construction Composite, Aluminum, Aluminum Hull & Composite Superstructure

*       Ballistic Protection as Required



*       Range in size up to 80m in length.

*       High capacities for fuel and water.

*       Accommodation for extra personnel. Suitable for production support.

*       Construction and special purpose projects.



*       Range in size up to 50Plus meters

*       Up to 9000BHP.

*       Speed in access of 30knots

*       200MT  deck cargo capacity. (Subject to vessel size)

*       High capacities for cargo ,fuel and water.

*       Up to 90 passengers plus crew

*       Construction Composite, Aluminum, Aluminum Hull & Composite Superstructure

*       Ballistic Protection as Required



*       Range in size from 18 to 85 Plus meters

*       High capacities for bulk materials and liquid mud.

*       Accommodation.

*       Fire-Fighting.

*       Oil spill response.

*       Dynamic positioning.



*       Medium & Fast speed ferry designs.

*       Construction Composite, Aluminum, Aluminum Hull & Composite Superstructure.

*       Ballistic Protection as required.

*       Pax, Pax Vehicle ferries.

*       Inshore & Offshore designs as suited for short and long distance requirements.

*       Water bourne and Air bourne designs

*       Introduction to quiet and efficient Hovercraft and Hoverflight designs to West Africa.



*       Up to 15000BHP.

*       Up to 200BPT

*       Conventional waterfall winches with large drum capacities or as required.

*       Combination tradition/waterfall winches for ultra deep water.

*       Fire-Fighting.

*       Oil spill response.

*       Large capacity wire storage reels.

*       High cargo capacities for deep water support as required.

*       Custom build/design and specification as per client requirements.

*       Conventional, diesel/electric, LNG electric power & drive systems.

*       Dynamic positioning.



*       Harbour Tugs

*       Liner Handlers

*       Salvage Tugs

*       Multi-Purpose Tugs

*       Oil spill response.

*       Fire Fighting

*       Up to 15000BHP.

*       Up to 200BPT

*       Conventional, diesel/electric, LNG electric power & drive systems

*       Custom build/design and specification as per client requirements’

*       Dynamic positioning.



*       Land Rigs

*       Shallow Water Rigs

*       Deep Water Rigs

*       Maintenance and Repair

Ship Sales & Purchase


AluminumNow has an international network for listings of used and newly build commercial vessels. We will search for the right type and size of vessels to suit our client’s requirements.


With the nature of today’s ever-changing business activity, we are located in the UK, Nigeria, Turkey, Canada, USA and have access to all types of vessels new and used to be found in the International Market Place.


Listing maybe found on our ship brokerage site,, various types and sizes of vessels and Marine equipment awaiting buyers.

Ranging from: Tug Boats, Offshore Vessels, PSV, OSV, MPV, AHTS,Work Boats, Crew Boats, Barges, Fishing Boats, Ferries, Water Taxis, Dredges, Crane Barges, Drill Rigs, , Pipe Driving Barges, Jack-up Barges, Security & Patrol Boats, SAR , Fire Fighting vessels etc.


Contact us know if you have any need for vessels, barges, dredges or related equipment.


Keep us in your files for any vessel business available in the future. Our London attorney; provides our Nigerian & West African Clients excellent services and safe transfer of funds for vessels and other equipment purchased through us. Your transactions and shipping logistics are in safe hands.


Shipping/Delivery arranged to meet requirements.



Your satisfaction is our concern here is coupled with our ability to provide service, repair and maintenance in our associated shipyards especially West Africa.

Our business programs include ferry operations, navigation aids to promote safety at sea and night operation of ferries, shipbuilding, engineering services, procurement, salvage and wreck clearance, marine transport to meet the requirements of offshore business, offshore and ashore services, full training programs and project management with developed relationships with local governments, key service providers and major oil & gas companies.


If you are seeking design and new builds
Please call or email for further information

If you are a marine professional:

If you can take a minute - let us know about yourself or your business.

We continuously strive to build strong, trustworthy and mutually beneficial relationships with skilled and knowledgeable professionals from all parts of the world.

Our agents and worldwide associates have experience with boat sales and charters of all types that from small patrol & work  boats to large commercial ships.

We hope that we can work with you to become our next satisfied client.

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