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EuroTech Marine Design provides a new approach to yacht manufacturing that combines several advanced technologies, creating a hybrid product that offers unparalleled quality and value. This environmentally clean manufacturing process allows great latitude in any design direction without the need of expensive tooling enabling EuroTech to produce both production and custom designs for recreational and commercial applications.

This process includes EuroTech Marine Design's FastForm computerized design and manufacturing method, ESAB™ Cutting Systems water jet technology, advanced epoxy and mythacrylate adhesives, Alustar™ 5059 aluminum alloy, and CeRam-Kote™ protective coating. When combined, these technologies create a product that is stronger, lighter, more durable and lower maintenance than any fiberglass or metal boat offered in the past.

Additionally, EuroTech Marine Design has aligned themselves with the best marine equipment manufacturers in the industry through their comprehensive SemTech™ (systems, equipment, & materials) advanced outfitting process. This system involves a long-term business and technical commitment with these manufacturers to create a synergistic relationship in the manufacturing process and aftermarket service.

EuroTech Design is presently offering a line of production recreational designs called FastWater™, and commercial designs called FastWork™. The FastWater™ series currently includes the FastWater™ 50 SailCat, FastWater™ 36 PowerCat, FastWater™ 48 Wave Piercer PowerCat, FastWater™ 55 Wave Piercer PowerCat, and FastWater™ 50 ExpressSail. The FastWork™ series offers commercial versions of the FastWater™ designs as well as purpose intended designs like the FastWork 50 Day Trip/Dive Vessel and Catamaran Passenger/Vehicle Ferries from 15m to 120M

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