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The Ultimate Catamaran Mega Yachts

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New Construction specializing in aluminium in the USA, Europe, Turkey, the Middle East &  China  to 120m

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New Yacht, Commercial & Military Construction in Aluminum

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Ultimate 22M Mega Wave Piercing Cat

This design brings the virtues of the wave piercer concept for Private and Charter yachts desired by private indivuaks and companies wishing vessels less than 24m to meet MCA standards.  

The Interiors are custom designed by Stephen W Maclean.

Highly efficient, slender displacement hulls allow this aggressively styled yacht to make passages at 15 knots.
Her wave piercing hull configuration lends truly impressive ride characteristics, coping with aplomb at 25 knots in both head and following seas that leave comparable sized mono hulls wallowing far behind in her wake.

The boat caters for large groups of people, comfortably sleeping can be designed for up to 8 guests.  Designed as a social boat, features plenty of large, open plan spaces in both covered and open decks.

A serious Private Yacht, her bridge is truly world class. Twin electrically adjustable Recaro helm chairs
 yacht to sprint at 30 knots, comfortably cruise at 25 knots and efficiently seat the helmsman and an observer in front of an array of sophisticated monitoring and navigational electronics. The multilevel carbon fibre antennae mast towering 8m above the sun deck bristles with navigation and communications gear which enables her to talk to anywhere on the globe from any of the worlds oceans.

Encompassing all of the detail and equipment that an owner could possibly wish for, this custom designed boat will meet or exceeded all that is expected of her. Intended to fulfil a dream.


Specifications are approximate and will change as per your specific requirements


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Vessels - Power & Sail constructed for Private, Charter and Commerical usage to Class and MCA as required.

Contact us for:-

  • Sail & Power Yachts to 85M
  • Commerical Work Boats, Tugs, Ferries & Ships
  • Fast Aluminium Catamaran Day Passenger Vessels & Ferries
  • Fast Aluminium Patrol & Search/Rescue Vessels
  • Full Management Services
  • Design Consultation
  • After Sale Service & Upgrades
  • Financing available.
  • Marine Insurance arranged.

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Turkey Office
Netsel Marina,
Mugla, Turkey 48700
Tel +90 (0)252 413 8106/413 8833           GSM +90 537 720 3788              
Fax +44 20 7681 1505

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London Office
Dalton House
60 Windsor Avenue,
London SW19 2RR 
England, UK.
Tel +44 20 7681 1505
Fax +44 20 7681 1505

USA Office
Tel 1 212 208 2579
Fax 1 212 208 2579

ICQ #7570019

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